5 Reasons Why Running Can Lift Your Mood

It can be difficult to drag yourself out of bed when the 6 am alarm goes off for you to get up and go for your morning run. Although everyone who knows that feeling will also know how amazing it feels once you have got up out of bed to the exhilarating feeling you get from starting your day on a runner high. You may be wondering why you feel so good after running and we have 5 reasons why running lifts your mood and makes you feel amazing.

1.Running boosts self-confidence & self-image

Running improves your self-esteem. Increasing endorphins, getting into a better physical shape, and working towards a goal will altogether work to increase your overall self-esteem and will most likely lead to you being happier. Reaching a running goal will give you a sense of achievement and empower you to stay on top of your overall health.

2. Running promotes healthy eating

It is a given that if you have started the day with a morning run you are less likely to want to eat unhealthy food. Starting the day with a healthy mindset will carry you throughout the rest of the day and keep you hitting those health goals.

3. Improves mental clarity

One of the largest benefits of running is the neurochemical bonuses. By increasing your heart rate while you run, noradrenaline is released which automatically improves your cognitive function. Realising endorphins which are known to reduce pain, improve your mood and produce a runner high.

4. Time for yourself

Between work, family, and friends it can be hard to find time for yourself, taking some time to run and release some energy while clearing your mind is a great mental holiday. If you struggle to clear your mind, try focusing on your breathing and listening to something you enjoy.

5. Benefiting from the outdoors

With many of us working indoors it can be hard to fit in the time to get Vitamin D into our daily schedule. With a lack of Vitamin D linked to a range of ailments from depression to diabetes and more, it is important to get it where you can.

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