5 Reasons To Use a Wobble Cushion

Stability training is a huge growing trend in the world of fitness. By keeping your muscles guessing when lifting weights or doing resistance work, then you’re maximising your potential to see results. However, using balance boards, cushions and trainers aren’t good for just growing your muscles. Here we list 5 reasons to use a wobble cushion.

1. Strengthen Lower Body Muscles and Joints

The main draw for using a wobble cushion is its effectiveness at strengthen muscles and joints in the lower body. This particularly applies to the knees and ankles. By standing on a wobble cushion with 1 or 2 feet, then you’re activating stabiliser muscles around these joints and the body tries to stabilise itself using tiny movements. This is great for strengthening those key muscles groups.

Normal everyday exercises can be performed on a wobble cushion to make them more effective. Moves such as squats, lunges and push-ups can be undertaken on a wobble cushion to make them harder as the body tries to keep itself balanced. This provides greater results as your body is doing work that it isn’t usually used to doing

2. Rehabilitation

Wobble cushions are ideal for rehabilitating a larger number of injuries. They are great for targeting lower body injuries as your joints work to stabilise you on an unsteady surface. Many physiotherapists suggest using a wobble cushion during recovery as they’ll work your joints and muscle in the lower body to perform movements that they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances.

3. Sitting

A great benefit of using a wobble cushion to sit is that it will promote good posture. Being slumped over your desk for long periods of the day can cause long term back problems so using a wobble cushion to sit on can prevent this. Active sitting can also be achieved as it’s great for working your core. Your body produces small movements to keep itself upright, which in turn works the core stabiliser muscles. So, you could get more toned by just sitting at your computer all day!

Studies suggest that children with concentration or learning difficulties will also benefit from sitting on a wobble cushion. By sitting on them, it is suggested that they fidget a lot less and as such, will concentrate a lot more whilst at school.

wobble cushion

4. Compact

The small and compact design of the wobble cushion makes it ideal to take anywhere for a workout. The size of a wobble cushion is ideal to throw in your suit case so you have an easy way to workout whilst on holiday. It’s also ideal to take to work, school or use anywhere at home. There’s no excuses not to get a good workout

5. Improves Balance, Coordination, Flexibility

Normal day to day tasks can be improved by using a wobble cushion. You can improve your balance, coordination and flexibility so things such as your golf swing can benefit! The main point of a wobble cushion is to improve proprioception which is the body’s ability to know where a joint is positioned without having to look at it. Improving this also goes a long way towards preventing injury in the future as the body can alter and react to joint movements more quickly. This means that you’re less likely to jar your knee or sprain your ankle.

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