5 best iPhone and Android bike apps for free

On the market, there are so many sports apps for our phone, either Android or iPhone, and each passing day there are even more. For that reason I thought that it could be helpful make a selection of the best bike apps with which you can plan your biking routes. Here you go a selection of the five best iPhone and Android bike apps for free with features that calculate your duration, distance, pace and calories burned.

1. MapMyRide

Map My Ride

With MapMyRide you can easily track your bike route, speed, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more! Pick one of millions bike routes provided or create a route of your own. The site also provides nutrition, food, diet and weight tracking, plus the ability to share your routes with friends. The app has 4.4 stars on the customer reviews.

2. Runtastic Mountain Bike

Runtastic Mountain Bike

Whether your route is a local dirt bike path, a wicked downhill course, or a gorgeous mountain trail, the Runtastic Mountain Bike app is your ideal companion. Track duration, distance, altitude, calories and time while you enjoy with one of the thousands of mountain bike routes. It is the best app for mountain bike enthusiasts thanks to its features such as leisure rider, BMX rider or professional MTB racer desires. Plus you can share your biking activities on your social media accounts. The apps count with an average of 4.6 stars on the customer reviews.

3. Cyclemeter


Cyclemeter, currently available for iPhone and iPad (not available for Android), is a tracking app designed for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. It is the perfect app for tracking fitness activities such as cycling, running, walking and more.
During exercising, Cyclemeter records heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence and bike power with sensors. Plus, you can view terrain and traffic maps that will help you to plan your route, record the weather for your location and listen to comments from friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter to keep you on track. If you want a big challenge, compete against other people’s workouts!

4. Bike Hub

Bike Hub

If you want to find quickest or quietest cycle routes, Bike Hub is the app you are looking for to work out great bike routes. It is perfect for plan your bike route using roads and cycle paths. Plus the app uses voice directions to alert you to upcoming turns or a sudden shortcut, and avoids hills where possible. This app just got 3.1 stars, but it is very helpful when you want to get from A to B on the quickest route possible.

5. Fill that hole

Fill tha hole

Currently, Fill That Hole is a very useful app just available for iPhone and iPad that reports potholes from the UK roadside. Potholes will not be a hazard anymore thanks to this app. If you spot a road defect, take a picture with your iPhone’s camera, map the location with iPhone’s GPS and Fill That Hole contacts the highway authority to get it fixed.

Did I leave out one of your favourites? Leave a comment.

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