5 aliments that you must include in your daily diet

We are surrounded for plenty of different aliments in the market, but no all are essential and should be consumed daily for preserving the health of the body and its proper working. However, there are other aliments which are necessary for the right functioning of our organism and they should be included in our daily diet. Those aliments are:
Water: water is the main component of our body, which has 75% of water at birth and almost 65% in adulthood. So it is essential for human existence, who can not be without water more than five or six days without risking your life. Even though every aliment has a little bit of water its composition. We have to drink between two or three litres of water per day.
Cereals: they are the main source of energy in our diet and carbohydrates are the predominant nutrient among cereals. Under the heading of cereals we can include wheat, barley, rye, spelled, oats, corn, rice and derivatives. While fat intake is very low in most cereals. We can choose varying amounts to consume, but they can not miss in our daily diet.
Dairy: although many of us spent a whole day without including dairy, their intake is essential and should include at least one serving of this food group daily. We should consume milk, yogurt or cheese to have a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins. In any healthy diet, dairy must be one of the foods that are a must, not only provides calcium, also high biological protein value and Vitamins A and D,Vitamin B2, which helps the body growth and the production of red blood cells, and Vitamin B12.
dairy milk
Oil: the essential fatty acids have plenty of important functions for the body because they are part of our cells and condition the life of the neurons. As our body can not develop them, they should be included in the diet, either by vegetable oils, or with seeds, nuts or other alternative.
olive oil
Fruits and vegetables: beyond its refreshing taste and flavour, fruit is one of the healthiest and the most recommended food by nutritionists. They have a high content of liquid, inexhaustible source of vitamins and carbohydrates and the best way to get the calories needed to resist exercise, also they have a high content of fiber. An adequate intake of vegetables would be rations between 200 and 250 grams per day. Although they are not daily indispensable, we must consume at least some source of vitamins and plant-sourced minerals each day, either a tomato, an apple, an orange or other piece of vegetable and / or fruit.
fruit and vegetable
But remember, if we ensure the inclusion of these foods in our daily diet, your body would feel better, works properly and has less risk of disease because of the absence of specific nutrients
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