4 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing the Weight You Want to Lose

It’s no easy feat losing weight, and many push themselves to the outer rim of their capabilities, only to see little to no results. Eventually some of them give up, tossing their gym card into the shoe box of obscurity. Understandably, they don’t understand why their workouts aren’t yielding the results they’d hoped for, and end up thinking of the entire exercise as pointless.

So, why is it that some of us workout, but still manage to stay the same – and sometimes even gain a couple of pounds? The answer is, more often than not, in your mind and how you go about working out. Let’s explore the reasons why you do so much but get very little out of it.

1. You’re not distracted enough

A study in 2004 established a relationship between dissociative thoughts and enhanced performance. In other words, distracting yourself while you work out has a positive effect on your energy levels. If you run while listening to music, or read a book while on a stationary bike, you’re more likely to find the routine more enjoyable and push yourself further.

However, distracting yourself doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be more effective with your regimen. Further studies have proven that enjoyable distractions are what do the trick, so listening to terrible gym music may just put you off the entire exercise.

2. You’re pushing the wrong limits

What’s an essential component to help you stick to a work out plan: frequency or intensity? If you answered intensity, you’d get a B- for trying. This is because moderate to high intensity workouts have been found to cause more injuries.
This claim is supported by a study by Hall and colleagues (2002) that links painful stimuli to a more negative attitude to working out regularly. This may especially be the case for newcomers who don’t know how to work a treadmill to save their life.
However, when you work out regularly, slowly increasing the intensity, you get used to the activity and find it more enjoyable and less painful.

3. You’re not mixing and matching

Though research from multiple sources is contradictory, there are certain parts of the body that people, particularly women, hate. These include the thighs, arms and butt. As such, some people tend to fixate on these areas, putting most of their effort on these parts instead of planning a holistic workout regimen. While certain areas might begin to take shape, other parts of the body don’t. As a result, the body may appear disproportional, which will put you off.
Another issue with doing the same workouts and at the same intensity is that your body will eventually plateau and/or burnout. Therefore, it’s essential to mix your routine and work on different cores of the body every time you hit the gym.

4: You’re consuming more energy drinks and less water

While energy drinks are good for their namesake and provide a tasty refreshment, there are plenty of controversial studies that have argued about the debilitating effect they have. Considering that most contain a high level of sugar (116 calories per 8-ounce can) and significant levels of caffeine, these beverages might just lead to more weight being gained. As such, you need to put down the Mountain Dew and drink more water.

Although water might not provide the sweet taste that is offered by energy drinks, it also plays a role in boosting your metabolism. Researchers found that the body attempts to warm up the water to body temperature, which leads to more energy being released. Another study also found that drinking purified water before, during and after a meal helps with the digestion of food and speeds up weight loss.

It’s essential to keep in mind that weight loss won’t happen overnight. Realistically speaking, it’s a process that will see you almost giving up at times, wondering why you’re not getting those “great abs” as seen in the infomercial. However, every day you decide to pick yourself up and take on your workout with the right mind-set and good workout plan is another step closer to reaching your objectives.

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