4 Common mistakes that most treadmill buyers make when purchasing

treadmill buying mistake

Have you decided to buy a treadmill? Well done! You have invested in your health! Running lovers tend to turn up nose at treadmills because the culture of running is doing it outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. If you are fortunate to live in a place with nice weather and some safe trails and parks, you can enjoy running outside, but not all of us are that lucky. If you want to save yourself lots of money, stay away from these 4 common mistakes that most treadmill buyers make when purchasing:

1. Just look at the “packing” or surface

When you are looking at different treadmills, do not be persuaded for the “packing” or surface. The treadmill appearance is made for catch your eyes attention and make you think that it is the perfect running machine. Generally, the “packing” is all of the non-essential treadmill goodies than some less quality treadmills offer you. Sometimes, a really appealing surface hides the essential factors of a quality machine.

What if it has a small continuous motor power, it comes with free heart rate sensor! Focus on the core essentials of a quality treadmill first. Check this treadmill buying guide to help you out with the main points to look at when you are buying a running machine.

2. Do not be fooled by the peak horsepower trick

The motor is the most expensive part of a treadmill to fix and some treadmill companies try to catch your attention with the peak horsepower and you think that is a great treadmill because it has 4.5 HP motor. But, what you do not know is that there are two measures of motor power:

  • Peak horsepower is the highest power the treadmill can run at, but the running machine cannot sustain this power for long periods of time and it will start to overheat. So this measurement is useless to you.
  • Continuous horsepower is the power the treadmill can run continually. So this measurement is more accurate to you when choosing a running machine. Look for equipment which has a higher continuous horsepower.

3. Your health is the most important factor

A treadmill is an investment in your health, so buy accordingly and do not trust the cheapest treadmills with the cheap cushioning system because they may damage your joints. However, you can find a high quality treadmill for a reasonably low price, remember that we often pay for the name brands, but that does not mean that they sell the best treadmills on the market.
There are higher quality running machines out there for under £ 500 such as JLL S400 Folding treadmill. Do not sacrifice your health just to save money.

4. Keep in mind your personal workout needs

Sometimes, when we are planning to get a treadmill, we think about all the features that the machine must have: price, motor, dimensions… We look at every small detail of treadmills, but we forget about looking at ourselves. For example, what use would you give to the running machine? Would you walk, jog or run on it? Do you like using incline or you rather prefer just exercising on the same path level? Those are some of the questions you must do to yourself when you are purchasing a treadmill. Remember to consider your own needs when looking at treadmills.
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