3 fantastic Father’s Day gifts

father day gifts

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it brings up really good memories for us. I am still remember, like it was yesterday, how my dad taught me to ride a bike and how angry I was because he was not holding the bike behind me! Or that time when he explained me how to do a proper hole on the wall with a drill, and we almost ended seeing my neighbour’s living room! For all those years of wisdom, we really owe him something.

Buying gifts can be incredibly hard, and I am pretty sure that we all have exhausted all “typical gifts” such as a tie, wallet or coffee mug. So why not to get something really special for your dad? Your dad would be very grateful no matter what you got for him on Father’s Day, and while a lovely card and hug are nice, they probably cannot compare to a home folding treadmill or an exercise bike. Here you go some ideas.

1. JLL S300 Folding Treadmill

Whether your dad is a total gym rat or you are trying to drop a not-so-subtle hint about his workouts habits, some home treadmills can be a great gift. JLL S300 folding running machine has integrated Digital Controller technology, 15 running programmes and 20 level incline. Your dad can easily achieve his fitness and weight loss goals.

The S300 can be used for anyone, from beginner to intermediate runners, from young to senior people. It starts at 0.3 km/h (the lowest speed available in the UK market) which makes it great for those who are in rehabilitation of injuries and elderly people. This foldable treadmill is perfect for home use with limited space. It is built on wheels, so it is very easy to transport.

So it is a present for your dad, and also for yourself, but do not tell him… Dad can set workout goals, track his progress and even start a healthy competition with you!

2. JLL JF500 Exercise bike

Do not blame your dad, but while he loves celebrating Father’s Day together, what he would really like to be doing is cycling, but we know that in UK is very hard to get nice weather for exercising outside, so why not outfit him with a home exercise bike?

The JF500 exercise bike is a superstar! It features everything you need to get a gym-style workout in the comfort of your own home. It is perfect for beginner and serious athletes who want to improve their fitness levels or lose weight.
The JF500 includes direct chain driven for a comfortable pedalling, shock absorber to reduce joint’s impact and two resistance tubes for arms exercise.

3. Gyroscope ball

Dads hate to admit when they are not on shape, and the gyroscope ball would help him to remedy that. He will not believe what this fitness equipment can do. This small item will create and extraordinary sensation in your hand and your dad will work each muscle and ligament of the arm by holding the gyroscope wrist ball with his hand and rotating his wrist in a slow circular motion.

The gyroscope ball increases strength in fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, biceps, triceps, ligament and shoulders. Plus it rehabilitates sore muscles and joints. Dad simply will not think that something so small can create such an extraordinary sensation in your hand. It spins up to 12.00 rpm (revolutions per minute).

The ball will start using a cord and will build its speed by slight rotation of the wrist. The gyroscope has battery used for the digital counter, all of its speed and energy comes from your arm, wrist and hand.

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