10 Super Effective and Easy Ways to Lose Weight without Hitting the Gym

The key to losing weight lies in a planned diet and exercise regimen. Though gyms are often the tested way to lose flab for many, the noisy, expensive, crowded gyms isn’t for everyone and may even seem intimidating to some. Then if you skip a gym session or worse, a couple of sessions, you feel so guilty that it often seems like a point of no return where you wallow in self-pity and your exercise regimen takes a big hit. But gyms aren’t the only way to lose weight. If you want to skip a gym and its steep membership fees and yet lose weight, here are ten easy and equally effective ways that you can  take advantage of:

  1. Eat Clean

Did you know 75% of your diet coupled with 25% of exercise drives your weight loss endeavors? Rather than beating yourself for not going to a gym, focus on your diet instead. Ensure you eat healthy foods and cut down on your portions. Never skip your breakfast as it’s a crucial part of losing weight. Eat a high fiber, high protein breakfast that will keep you feeling full for a longer period and bring down your cravings throughout the day. More than 700 weight loss studies have shown eating smart brings the most effective results in terms of weight loss. On an average, people who followed a healthy diet without exercising for 15 weeks shed 23 pounds while those who just exercised lost only 6 pounds over almost 21 weeks. No wonder it’s always better to eat smart and cut calories than burning the calories as the latter is a tougher task.



  1. Drink lots of water

Since your thirst and appetite are regulated by the same segment of your brain, you may often mistake thirst for hunger. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry and wait for 15-20 minutes to see if the hunger subsides. If it does, you were just thirsty. If not, you can eat. Thus, water can help you avoid unnecessary snacking that happens when you get confused between thirst and hunger. You should also drink about 0.5 liter of water before every meal as it will make you feel full faster, thus helping your weight loss goal. You should drink adequate amount of water to stay hydrated but don’t opt for calorie-heavy sweetened beverages. Instead, stay hydrated with water, decaf tea/ black coffee etc.




  1. Sleep at a regular time

While it may sound awful to miss out on your favorite TV show that airs late at night or wake up early after late nights, it ultimately leads to lack of sleep that negatively affects your overall health. Thus, you will find it difficult to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight once you have lost the flab. According to studies, inadequate sleep has detrimental effects on the hunger hormones of your body because it increases your hunger and cravings the next day. You can consider the following to overcome this:

  • Try to sleep for seven to nine hours each night. It’s a general advice and most healthy adults should get adequate amount of rest through this.
  • Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule.
  • Introduce good sleep hygiene such as switching off all electronic devices and lights to have a good night’s sleep.




  1. Increase protein intake

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is a crucial part of weight loss. According to studies, regular consumption of meals containing fiber rich, high protein and low-carb vegetables and food items can automatically bring down your weight. Protein has a strong impact on your appetite since it decreases hunger, provides a feeling of fullness and helps you consume fewer calories. Another study revealed that if the protein intake can be increased from 15% to 30% calories, it would help you consume 441 fewer calories each day making you lose 11 pounds in only 12 weeks without restricting anything intentionally. Here’s a list of the most common protein sources:

  • Fish and seafood – Shrimps, salmon, lobsters, trout etc.
  • Meat – Chicken, beef, lamb, pork, bacon etc.
  • Eggs – Pastured or Omega-3 enriched ones




  1. Buy a workout DVD

Invest in exercise DVDs as they would help you to get involved in some physical activity. Following are the advantages of this method.

  • You can avail this option at minimal cost. In addition, you will find such DVDs for a wide range of physical activities such as Pilates, dance, aerobics, yoga etc. since such DVDs are available to suit varied skill and flexibility levels, you can pick the one that best suits your requirements and sounds fun to you.
  • Initially, practice the moves and postures for a couple of days to see what is actually suited to your fitness level and whether any extra equipment is required or not.




  1. Go swimming

Any type of physical activity is better than doing nothing, but swimming is considered among the best ones. Apart from rejuvenating your mind, swimming also significantly helps you to lose weight. You can expect to burn approximately 367 calories by performing only 30 minutes of breaststroke, which overpowers cycling, walking or even running. If your vicinity boasts of a free or comparatively inexpensive beach, you can reap the benefits of the huge calorie burning ability of swimming. This will cost you much less compared to joining a local community center pool. Apart from supporting your weight loss goals, swimming also helps in boosting endurance, toning muscles and improving cardiovascular health.


  1. Go for walks

Walk in the park, in your neighborhood or an outdoor track for at least half an hour to lose weight. If the weather is bad and you can’t go outside, go to the nearby mall and walk in loops inside to achieve your daily walking goal. If you walk at 2mph for half an hour, you can lose 75 calories, while increasing your speed to 3mph will help you burn 99 calories. Up you speed to 4mph and you can burn 150 calories. Now you know why incorporating that short walk in your daily routine can help you shed weight in no time!



  1. Dance away!

Instead of doing boring exercises you can also dance and melt your bulge away. By combining anaerobic and aerobic movements, dancing can act as an effective exercise in your weight loss regimen. While lifting your own body or someone else’s, holding squat positions and balancing constitute anaerobic exercises, swaying, jumping and twirling are some aerobic exercises that you can benefit from dancing. With traditional exercises, your body gets adjusted to the same moves and positions over time, which makes you hit a plateau when it comes to weight loss. Since there are almost endless possibilities of doing complete workout through dance, you can avoid such things by creating new dance moves and lose weight without ever being bored!



  1. Practice Yoga

Yoga helps you get in touch with your body and mind. By combining several postures, breathing techniques and meditation, it gives your whole body an effective workout while helping you stay calm and enjoy mindful living. Thus, yoga can be a good way to lose weight, irrespective of what your physical prowess or age is since anyone can benefit from yoga by adapting the practices to suit his/her individual level of comfort and speed. Since losing weight often becomes a problem when you are under tremendous stress or can’t have adequate sleep, doing yoga can help in such matters too as it lets you beat stress and enjoy a sound sleep. Whatever yoga exercises you select, they will always form an integral part of a great overall workout, which would let you lose weight effectively.



  1. Take up a sport

Apart from improving overall health, sports provide a multitude of benefits that include learning accountability, leadership and dedication, just to name a few. According to several studies, obesity in children is quickly becoming a major problem in our society. Playing sports not only keeps the children physically active but also helps them beat putting on excessive weight. By having their weight under control, both children as well as adults can live a happier life with lowered probability of diseases that are associated with being overweight such as diabetes and heart disease. So, take up running, jogging, cycling, squash, golf, tennis, racquet ball, football, baseball, softball etc. depending on which sport you would like to play and experience how playing a sport greatly aids to cut down on stress and pressure – two key factors that trigger weight gain. So, lose weight while playing your favorite sport to your heart’s content.




Your weight loss regimen has a lot to do with your attitude and approach. If you really want to lose the flab, you simply need to eat right and exercise well together with following the ways mentioned above to become slimmer and healthier without hitting the gym. So, give the expensive, crowded and intimidating gyms a miss and use these alternative but equally effective methods to start losing weight and even enjoy the process!

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Emma Johnson works as content editor for Best Brands HQ. She likes to blog about Fitness and Camping. In her free time she likes to run, swim and cycle a lot.

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