10 Exercises to Keep You Fit and Your Bones Stronger Than Ever


Keeping yourself fit and healthy is like worship nowadays. You need to take time out for yourself and do the right thing. Treating your body like a temple should come naturally, however all this new technology and gadgetry has made our lives quite sedentary over the years. This is why many people nowadays complain of weakened bodies, muscle pains, and spasms. No wonder osteoporosis has been labeled as a major health threat throughout the USA. Nearly 44 million American adults aged 50 year or older are suffering from low bone mass. This is why in this post we would like you to focus your attention towards this problem.

There are several ways through which you can guarantee yourself stronger bones for the rest of your life. So let’s take a look at them:


No matter where you are and what time zone you live in, you can find yoga as your ultimate tool and getaway from all the hustling and bustling of your busy life. Yoga is defined as a downright spiritual experience and while the benefits range from physical, mental, and even something to offer for the soul, it is terrific for your bones as well. Many car accident injuries nowadays often include fractures in the wrists, hips, and the spine. Surprisingly any practitioner or devotee of yoga can inform you that doing yoga not only builds your balance and a sense of awareness about yourself, in fact it is great for your complete body growth and nourishment as well. To become an aficionado for this tremendous workout simply visit the Yoga Journal and get to know about all the routines that you can try out right now.

The Octet of Exercises to Beat Osteoporosis

Doctors across the globe have considered the risk osteoporosis imbues towards the masses. This is why many professionals have come up with a set of 8 exercises that can effectively help you build stronger bones. These include:

  • Ball Sit: like the name suggests, you need a large exercise ball however you should probably give this a try if you another individual as a ‘spotter’ to help keep your balance right. The exercise is simple, all you have to do is sit on the ball with your back straight and palms on your legs, and feet flat on the floor. Try holding your position as long as possible.
  • Bicep Curls: easy to perform with dumbbell or resistance band that offers you a weight of 1-5 pounds. You can do them while sitting or standing up-straight. 12 repetitions will get you started, and if you can then do go for another set.
  • Foot Stomps: imagination takes a toll in this one, imagine squashing an imaginary can under your feet. You are free to hold on to sturdy furniture of your choice to keep your balance while you stomp your heart out.
  • Hamstring Curls: simply stand with your feet at shoulder length apart. Now using your toes on one of your feet make your heels go up as much as you possibly can. Repeat this around 8-12 times and then move towards the other foot.
  • Leg Lifts: Just stand on your feet, near together but not touching. Now raise one of your legs to the side, while keeping your leg straight. Repeat this process 8-12 times and then move on to the other leg.
  • One Leg Stands: purely a balance based exercise, though you are free to take support. Keep the stance for at least a couple of minutes before switching.
  • Shoulder Lifts: lift dumbbells from a resting position while holding in your hands by your side. Keep your arms straight without locking your elbow. Raise them no higher than your shoulder height. Repeat at least 12 times before switching arms.
  • Squats: like as if we were ever going to miss mentioning them. It seems like no exercise routine is complete without them. They help strengthen your legs as well as your hips.
Walking, Jogging, & Dancing

There is no doubt that if you want your bones to get stronger, then you have to get on your feet and start moving. Both walking and jogging are great for building stronger legs. However, if you are looking for an extra twist than how about you consider dancing. It is more high impact when considering the realm of healthy and stronger bones. Even for older adults, a weekly class with just two sessions throughout the week can bring them to a remarkable improvement as shown by test results. Furthermore with dance you have various options to explore as per your liking.


Racket Sports

Sadly sports have dwindled over the years. More and more people are willing to pay and see others play rather than indulge themselves in sporting activities. Racket sports like tennis, badminton, squash, and even ping pong have been proven to be spectacular for your overall bone health. They keep you on your toes and give your legs the perfect workout with loads of fun once you get the hang of it. We wish for you all to get addicted to sports for the rest of your life to the point where playing matters more than watching others win or lose at it.


It might seem like we are just simply asking you to leave the comfort of your cozy rooms with snuggly sofas and chairs to become a wandered of some sorts. Well the fact of the matter is, no ones can get your bones stronger while you sit at home. The secret lies in making your body do the work it is supposed to do. Hiking is great way push yourself physically and also venture outdoors. Soak in scenic beauty, and take deep breaths of fresh air to fuel your lungs. Soon your heart will warm up towards all the nature that surrounds filling you up with bliss never felt before.

We hope this post was helpful in offering you some tremendous insights regarding how you can keep your bones strong with the said workouts and regimens. For more questions please feel free to share with us your views and opinions in the comment section below.     


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